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Mom, the Bathroom Scene Was Boring

My first reader was my 13-year-old son, Adrian. He read the first chapter of The Emris: Lost and loved the story hook. Our first conversation went something like this:

"I love this. I have a few questions. Is that the only eagle or are there more? Tell me more about this world."

We who love fantasy and science fiction have an endless hunger for new worlds, whether they be foreign or hidden within our own. I understood his burning curiosity and proceeded to give him further details. I didn't get very far before he interrupted me.

"No, no, don't tell me anymore, I want to read it. Oh, and make sure you've got two or three chapters before you give it to me. Just one chapter at a time isn't enough."

I fulfilled the request of my single-member fan club. Somewhere in chapter four or five, I was approached with further feedback.

"Mom, I didn't like the bathroom scene. It was boring. Don't worry, I got through it, it wasn't very long, so it was no big deal. I love the new scene with the eagle. I want more eagle!"

Upon reflection and review, I realized that the offending scene was, in fact, a bit too long. Several non-contributing sentences were excised. He had no need to worry about more eagle; that was already in the works. Somewhere in chapter eight or nine, I was approached again.

"Mom, I can't stand it, waiting for weeks to get a few more chapters. I want to read it all when it's done. How soon do you think you'll be finished?"

I will work tirelessly to satisfy the petition. It's not difficult to write when you love the story. Besides, how can I deny my #1 fan?

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