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The Long, Dark Night of the Soul

First, my apologies for being away for so long.

Second: Writer's Doubt. The long, dark night of the soul. It happens to every writer, the successful and published along with novices like myself. There are plenty of blog entries about it, encouraging those of us in the grip of doubt, giving us tips on ridding ourselves of the negative energy.

It's especially hard when you have nobody close enough to you that understands why you must write and why you must write a particular story.

I do love to write, but I need to write more than I love it. I need to tell these stories. I'm a hopeless, broken thing that's been aching for years to find creative expression. Inspiration hit, I wrote with unbridled joy, then hit the wall of doubt. But I'm not giving up.

I fight every day, scratching and clawing to find my way back to that joy. I reach out to peers and mentors, but these relationships are new and fragile. I keep looking for the light that leads out of the dark tunnel. I'll find it, because I won't quit until I do.

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